Foundation Repair Products

foundation repairIf you have a settling foundation, the experts at Airlift Concrete Experts can provide you with a variety of solutions. Our foundation repair solutions include:

Steel Piers

Airlift Concrete Experts uses steel pier systems to permanently stabilize your foundation. If your foundation is failing because of weak or eroded soil, steel piers may be the perfect solution for you. Steel piers are installed deep underneath the foundation until they find load bearing soil, and then the weight of your home is transferred onto them. Once stabilized, hydraulic jacks are placed in several areas and the entire weight of your home is lifted onto the piers. This foundation solution offers long-term strength and stability for your foundation.

With our expert team and fantastic products, Airlift Concrete Experts can get your foundation back in shape in no time at all. Learn more about steel piers here.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is an incredibly strong material often used for heavy load-bearing structures such as airplanes, highways, parking structures, and bridges. Using carbon fiber repair for a foundation provides incredible strength that will prevent your foundation from cracking, shifting, or moving in the future. Learn more about carbon fiber repair here.

Epoxy Injections

Epoxies are used to structurally repair a concrete foundation crack. This will reinforce the crack and also keep water from leaking into the basement. The cured epoxy will completely fill the concrete crack and return the wall or foundation to its pre-cracked strength. Learn more about epoxy injections here.

Contact the foundation repair experts at Airlift Concrete Experts today to learn more about stabilizing your commercial or residential foundation.

foundation repair products before and after use images