The following is a list of common foundation problems that we see in the state of Arkansas. Since Arkansas is covered in expansive clays, many Arkansas homeowners will inevitably experience foundation issues due to the shrinking and swelling of the soil. If your home was built on soil that was poorly compacted, or if a lot of excess water builds up around your foundation, these problems are more likely to occur.

If you notice any of the signs above, don't hesitate to give us a call. Often, these issues can lead to more serious problems in your home. Your foundation is the base and support of your home or business. To protect what is probably your largest investment, let us help you with concrete leveling and foundation repairs today.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Airlift Concrete Experts has a professional team that can handle all of your foundation problems. Our contractors specialize in several different services to keep your home safe and in good condition. With our free inspections and quotes, our expert team can determine a personalized solution for your residential or commercial property.

Some of the foundation repair products that we install include: helical piers, steel push piers, new construction piers, and helical tiebacks. These underpinning products are great solutions to provide support to sinking foundations. They work to lift them back to their original positions, providing them with long lasting strength. Our piers are driven into deep soil to find soil that is stable enough to hold your foundation. Then, the entire weight of your structure is lifted onto the piers. Our foundation repair solutions are guaranteed to last!

If you live in Arkansas, you are likely included in our service area. We service to the cities of Alexander, AR, Little Rock, AR and beyond. Call for your free consultation today. We look forward to giving you a foundation that will last a lifetime!