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If you have a brick foundation or home, you may have noticed cracks that have formed over time. Cracked brick foundations are a common problem in Arkansas, usually caused by foundation settlement. There are several types of brick cracks that you should look out for:

Types of Brick Cracks and What They Mean

  • Stair Step Cracks:

    cracked bricks, cracked brick repairThese types of cracks mostly occur because of settlement or deflections. If your brick or masonry wall supports are settled or deflected, the walls will follow suit.
  • Vertical Corner Cracks:

    When the soil around your foundation is dehydrated and shrinking, it can cause cracks to form in the corners of your walls.
  • Compaction:

    If your foundation is sinking or settling, it can cause the bricks to compact down on each other and create cracks and voids.
  • Bulging Brick & Masonry Walls:

    Your walls may begin to bulge if the shelf angle is corroded. Another reason for bulging can be attributed to excess rainwater pooling around your home and over-saturating the ground.

If you have noticed any of these cracked brick issues in your Arkansas home, be sure to call Airlift Concrete Experts today. we can help diagnose the main issue for you and get your crack brick repaired as soon as possible.

Brick Foundation Repair in Little Rock, AR

For all of your brick and masonry problems including crumbling, cracking, breaking, and compacting, Airlift Concrete Experts has a solution for you. We can strengthen your brick foundation walls by using  steel piers. Our steel piers will provide your home with immense strength and support so that they won't be in danger of sinking or settling again. Made of galvanized steel, these piers are easy to install with portable, hydraulic equipment. They are made to last and will give your brick and masonry walls amazing support for years to come.

Why You Need to Get Your Brick Repaired Immediately

Don't hesitate to call Airlift Concrete Experts right away as soon as you notice problems with your brick and masonry walls. Since they can indicate foundation failure, it is important to have repairs implemented immediately. Foundation failure can damage the entire structure of your home and is very costly to repair. Our company has the best underpinning products in the industry, as well as many years of experience. We value integrity and quality and we want to give you the top-notch customer service that you deserve. Let Airlift Concrete Experts be your number one contractor in Arkansas. We look forward to working with you.